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It ' a great one. but knows how to keep a low profile.
Thin , but able to accommodate a bigger display and a more powerful chip . Ultrafast wireless technologies that do not compromise battery life . Earphones redesigned from the ground up for great sound with maximum comfort . Your iPhone wants to give you everything. Without giving up anything .

Thin, light and full of talent.
Hard to believe that a phone so thin has so much to offer : a larger display , a more powerful chip , the latest wireless technologies , an iSight camera 8MP and much more. All in a beautiful aluminum shell designed and built with a level of unprecedented accuracy. iPhone 5 has a thickness of just 7.6 mm and weighs only 112 grammi.1 means that it is 18 % thinner and 20 % lighter than the iPhone 4S. A design so you get just studying ( and ristudiando ) every detail : even those who do not see.

Multiple displays , to see more.
To make a smartphone with the larger screen are all capable . But doing it just for the sake of increasing the size means end up being left with a phone bulky and uncomfortable to hold. iPhone 5 has a 4 "display designed as it should be : is bigger, but the phone is as wide as the iPhone 4S. before So if you were using only one hand, for example, to write on the keyboard , you're still free to do so . Yet you have more space to look at web pages , read mail and see the calendar. and you can keep more apps on the home screen .


And it is even more vivid .
It is not only a larger display. It is a Retina display bigger. Has 326 pixels per inch , ie a pixel density so high that the eye can not distinguish one by one. And if the Retina display of the iPhone 4S was already spectacular , do you think this gives you 18% more pixels with a resolution of 1136x640 . Even the colors are richer, with a higher saturation of 44%. So the iPhone 5 all the games you do, the words you read, the images you see and the app you love have a realistic and detailed. And now you can also watch widescreen HD video in all their splendor , without having to resize them .

Wi-Fi connectivity and the latest generation of mobile phone .
iPhone 5 connects to more networks around the world , including those developed as HSPA , HSPA + and DC -HSDPA . So browse , watch streaming video and download content at full speed. And thanks to the dual-band 802.11n wireless connectivity , including Wi -Fi has a plus : You can now shoot up to 150 Mbps.2

Faster CPU .
The new A6 chip for iPhone 5 makes it a lot faster : even up to two times faster than the A5 chip . Open an app , it loads a web page, view attachments in your e- mail: everything happens almost instantly.

Graphics more agile .
The graphics makes a nice jump , with the A6 chip is up to twice as fast as the A5 chip . The app with many graphic elements traveling to the maximum, and the higher frame rate makes it more fluid and realistic when you play.

Even more autonomy.
The A6 chip is designed to be fast , but along with iOS 6 is also able to reduce consumption to a minimum. So, even with all his speed , the iPhone 5 has enough battery to run all day : up to 8 hours of web browsing on the cellular network , up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 10 hours of playback video.3

Ears of the whole world , open up .
Just like fingerprints , the ears are different from person to person . Therefore, the same pair of earphones will not fit everyone in the same way . To design new headphones , Apple designers and engineers did not start from the speaker, but from the ear. They tested more than a hundred prototypes of hundreds of people, with the aim of creating a pair of earphones that can adapt to any type of ear ( and remain comfortably) while delivering a high-quality audio . The result is revolutionary : they are called Apple EarPods , and such a thing had not ever seen. Neither felt .

Audio improved on the iPhone 5 .
The Apple EarPods are just the beginning . All that has been perfected sound , the iPhone 5 . There are three microphones : one in front , one on the back and one on the bottom . The microphone front and back work in tandem using the technique of beamforming , which allows the iPhone to focus on the sound coming from the desired direction to provide a clearer audio . And there is a new technology of noise reduction to mitigate environmental sounds . So when you bring the iPhone to your ear in a crowded room feeling that matters : the voice of those who are on the other side .

iPhone is the most popular camera there is. And for a good reason : it makes pictures so amazing that it's hard to believe they were taken by a phone. iPhone 5 takes all the qualities that made famous the iSight camera of the iPhone 4S, and more drops his trump card : the new panorama function . Now you can capture great pictures really : the family reunion to the spectacular view of the Grand Canyon. Just a single , soft gesture to record incredible images to 240 ° : the gyroscope, the A6 chip and the Camera app work together to create a seamless panoramic , high-resolution and up to 28 megapixels.

It is always good .
Now the shutter speed of the app camera is increased by 40 %, the lens provides better results in low light environments , and also noise reduction has been enhanced . So you can make even more photos, even sharper and more detailed .

HD recording improved.
Sit back on the director's chair and imagine how epic you can create with your new iPhone 5. The iSight camera can shoot spectacular 1080p HD video . The improved stabilization corrects for camera shake and face detection hits the scene on your protagonists , putting to fire up to 10. Not only that, you can even take pictures while you're filming , so you really do not even lose a precious moment .

FaceTime HD camera .
For FaceTime video calling , you can use the front camera of the iPhone 5 . And if you have a Wi-Fi connection , you can now do so via the network cellulare.4 The quality of the video is amazing : it is a bit ' like being in the same room with the other person. Use the front camera to also get a photo portrait , or record HD video at 720p.

A new type of connection.
Make the iPhone 5 thinner and lighter design required a radical change : replace the 30-pin connector with a solution of smaller, efficient and innovative . Thus was born the connector Lightning. Fully digital , has an eight -pole design and is much more robust version of the 30-pin . Another brilliant feature : The plug can be inserted in the iPhone in both directions , so you can keep it as you will, and will always go well.

Lightning to 30-pin adapter .
Soon there will be many accessories compatible with the Lightning. But if you have devices that require the 30-pin connector , you can continue to use them even with your iPhone 5 : just acquire from Lightning to 30-pin adapter (sold separately).

Just ask Siri.
Siri is the intelligent assistant that helps you to do everything you just ask voice. Talk to Siri as if it were a person, for example, ask " I'll need an umbrella tomorrow ? ", " There are museums nearby ? " Or " Where's the closest ATM ? " . Siri understands what you say, and also know what you mean. You can find and use the most suitable app to give you the right answer then , as the best assistants , you will provide the information you servono.6

New features of Siri.
With iOS 6 , Siri understands and knows more answers more questions . You can ask the sports results, can you recommend a place for lunch or a movie to watch . Siri can even post something on Facebook or Twitter for you. And now speaks several languages, so it is more useful, more and more countries.

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