Interferenza S.r.l. is active on the market since 1996 and has approximately 1,000 customers in over 30 countries around the world , has developed hundreds of communications solutions for businesses and needs of all types and sizes , including UIP (United Internationl Pictures) , Tuscan Group , Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes Benz , to name a few ; manages over 1500 domains by providing services such as web hosting and co-location with a specific server farm in Italy and especially in the U.S. and employing a staff of developers and system administrators of long experience , is a leader in solutions e-commerce with a rapidly growing community that already has more than 500 E -Shops , is in fact a point of reference for all that is the Internet, Multimedia and creativity to dozens of Web Design Agencies and Agencies, who can count in this way on completion of their services extremely reliable, professional and affordable.

It ' a service that allows you to easily create and manage a website for professional E-Commerce (E -Shop) complete with everything you need to sell online , including visibility on the Internet. You only need a few minutes to turn with ease catalog of your products or services on the Internet and you're ready to accept orders and payments directly online . The management can be done through a simple yet powerful control panel that allows you , from your PC, set the prices , describe the products , their features list , post photos , categorize , monitor orders , studying statistics and many other options that make the service E-Shop flexible and dynamic for any need. Everything is easy to use and requires no knowledge of programming languages or system administration.

The service E-Shop has it all servers, network infrastructure , system administration , maintenance, technical support , and of course the software. You 'll just have to worry about access to your control panel and start adding products . You will not have to install any software on your server or on your PC, but you will be interested only to launch your business on the Internet and start selling . There are several hundred companies that have already chosen our e-commerce platform and they are taking advantage of the many benefits of the E-Shop . And that's not all because of new features and improvements are inserted continuously according to the reports of the ever-growing community of companies that use this service and are made available to all who wish to use them.


E-commerce is not only already become an integral part of the system of globalization of markets, but it is turning more and more into the instrument 's main commercial interaction for those companies that need to expand their targets to areas difficult to reach with traditional means but , even more, for those small and medium enterprises that otherwise would not have the strength to be able to make it economically competitive in the market, while providing quality products . Since he was born in 2000 , our system of E-Commerce has never stopped growing constantly improving the range and quality of services offered , so that today represent the best and most complete professional e-commerce platform that exists in Italy . You only need a few clicks to get an E-Shop simple, practical, effective and dynamic


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